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They are on the way!

On May 21 at 13:00 the fleet of the Baltic 500 started as planned on the circuit around Sjaelland and Læsø. With them for the first time the two Dehler 30 one design Power Play (Oliver Schmidt-Rybandt/Otto Timm) and the Calle Dr. Antonio Jorge Aguiar (Andreas Deubel/Rasmus Töpsch).

Actually, no one expected it anymore. Despite corona restrictions, the first regatta of the season, the Baltic 500, started almost regularly. Practically at the last minute the Danish waters were opened for the race.  Kalle Dehler was at the jetty in Strande when the Power Play cast off towards the start line. The father of the Dehler 30 one design had to admit that he was quite moved by the moment. "Reward of fear" was one of the thoughts he briefly wrote on Whatsapp. It was a great relief to see two Dehler 30 one design on the starting line of the first doublehanded sea regatta in 2020, he confirmed. "This is what they were designed and built for." That gives an idea of how much work, including persuasion, went into getting the boats to the start line from the initial sketch. Now, finally, the Dehler 30 one design can prove itself in its element!   It is a truly special moment for all those who have contributed for years to this modern racing yacht, consistently designed for ocean racing. Congratulations to the whole team!   To the crews, we wish you mast and bulkhead break, a hand's breadth of water under your keel, and an exciting race. Here is the link to the live tracking:

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