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7 boats at training event of the Dehler 30 one design class association

The Dehler 30 OD class association organized an eye-catcher during the first weekend of July in Rostock, starting with exercises on the Warnow-River and then heading off into the open sea, rounding the Danish island of Zealand on a 300 nm course.

Seven yachts of the new 30 OD class and their various crews gathered for a first real meeting under sails. The host was Speedsailing, which is at home in the Rostock city harbor. The mostly brand new boats with their black sails, a close to infinite number of colorful ropes and  unusual designs on the sporty hulls attracted some a curious audience among passers-by. The freshly baked owners come from different corners of the Baltic Sea. They exchanged ideas, tinkered and trimmed in a playful mood that put the corona crisis at a distance for a while.

After a Saturday of training accompanied by a media-rib for the best pictures, the fleet of Dehler 30 one design headed out for Seeland in a southwesterly  wind with gusts up to 7 an more Bft on Sunday afternoon.  The intial plan to go araund Bornholm was changed to the 300 nm course around Seeland for safety reasons.
   The gusty SW provided some exciting moments when the flotilla of 7 yachts with black mainsails and colourful A5´s  surfed along the Warnow towards the Baltic Sea. The crews faced a hard, wet ride through the night. One boat took the straight route home and a second, Andreas Deubel´s Crazy Boat had to stop in Heiligenhafen because some if his crew couldn´t stomach the rough sea.
    About  36 hours later, and well before sunrise on Tuesday morning Powerplay (GER 002) reported first ship home in Rostock, followed by the crews on Play Harder (GER 001), Joint Venture (GER 028), Tuto Bene (GER 023) und Hornfisch (GER 020) arriving close togehther. The sailors returned with tired but beaming faces and with loads of impressions and valuable experience on how to sail fast on a Dehler 30 one design under heavy conditions.
  The next main events for the Dehler 30 one design class are the Blue Ribbon Cup in Kiel and Kiel-Week. In addition, 9 boats of the freshly baked class have already registered for this year's “Silver Rudder”.

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