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Silverrudder 2020 becomes a light wind drama


The evening before the start there was a weather briefing, where a somewhat desperate-looking meteorologist tried to cheer up the 400 or so single-handed sailors by pointing to sunshine. The main message was little wind from the northwest, perhaps. It was clear to all that the larger part of the field would not arrive until the second night or Sunday just before the time limit expired at 12 noon. Especially Max Gurgle and Olli Schmidt-Rybandt left nothing out to make a dramatic race out of a slightly longer trip around a slightly bigger island with some wind. Ingredients were diving goggles, a bit of counter current in Snævringen, the narrow entrance to the Little Belt, and a fishing net.At the start of the group of keelboats small (keelboats small), in which seven Dehler30od participated, two Dehlers were already caught by a branching current and drifted onto a shallow towards the road connection Fyn and Thurø. Both needed more than an hour to fight their way free. Max Gurgle on Hornfisch had here the first opportunity to test his "Submarine-Walk". He dove under the boat and pushed it meters off the bottom. The Chaika was rocked free by a passing motorboat.  Max Gurgle managed an impressive catch-up to the leading group, where Morten Bogacki on OTG's Humboldt and Olli Schmidt-Rybandt on Powerplay tried to push a Flaar26 out of first place. In the early morning hours, however, all six Dehlers, including Max Gurgle on Hornfisch, Andreas Deubel on Calle.Dr.AntonioJorgeAguiar, Hajo Hensel on tutto bene and Arno Kronenberg on Playtime saw each other again at the northern approach to the Lille Belt. Here the weak to non-existent wind was not enough to get through the strait against the current. Olli Schmidt-Rybandt passed a bridge nine times: four times forward, four times backward and then one last time towards the finish. There is bizarre video footage of Andreas Deubel sailing backwards to match a Seascape. Max-Gurgle tried to take advantage of a counter current near the shore and had to put on his diving goggles again to provide propulsion under water. For all of them these were exhausting hours and some stopped the race, among other things because it seemed more and more improbable to reach the finish line before Sunday 12 o'clock.Beside Olli and Max one more held out. Arno Klingenburg, usually somewhere in an inconspicuous placement, just drove his own race. On Sunday morning a very satisfied Arno emerged from the fog at the finish line as third placed boat of the group keelboats small and first Dehler30 one design. Olli Schmidt-Rybandt, who was also well on time, rushed to the aid of Max Gurgle when he got caught in a fishing net south of Bagø. Here Max had to give up. With a time allowance for the emergency help, Olli was just able to make it to the finish line as the second to last boat in the group standings and the overall standings. In the end, there were only 10 keelboats small and a total of only 29 boats out of over 400 that reached the finish line in the prescribed time on Sunday at 12. In retrospect, a good result for our new boats and hats off to Arno, Olli and Max for hanging in there for so long!

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