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Planning meeting of the Board of Directors


After a very impressive debut of our class at the Baltic 500 with Powerplay and Calle Dr, the board has started planning the season that is gradually gaining momentum.   The next highlight will be a training trip from Warnemünde around Bornholm followed by an informal class evening in early July. The Rund Bornholm Practice Race is planned: Saturday 4.7. arrival, technical preparations and test runs followed by a barbecue in Rostock's city harbor and Sunday 5.7. 11 am start and finish Warnemünde rund Bornholm.   The training trip should give the constantly growing fleet the opportunity to get used to the new boats and to gain experience with different configurations during comparative cruises. At the latest on the return trip from Bornholm the ambitious ones will want to know it and step up a gear.   Afterwards, a final evening and informal class meeting is planned to inform about the status of the work of the class association and to create an opinion on various issues.   Then, at the beginning of September, comes the Kiel Week, where the class wants to present itself with as complete and cheerful a fleet as possible. The Double Hand Challenge will be sailed again in several races.    Other events where the Dehler 30 one design will be present are the Silverrudder, where nine boats are registered, the Vegvisir and the Sydbank Cup. The next start we can look forward to is at the MIdsummersail on June 20th with Hajo Hensel and his Tutto Bene. There is also online tracking to follow along.

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Gepostet von Dehler 30 one design class association am Donnerstag, 11. März 2021

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Gepostet von Dehler 30 one design class association am Montag, 8. März 2021

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