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Knut Frostad: Well I'm a huge fan of one design boats. Those who know me and racing know that that's where I really believe you sailing needs to go. In racing with boats, the alternative to one design is a game where whoever spends the most money has the best chance of winning, and I think that's why one design is what everyone in the end loves. Typically, when you ask racing sailors if they have different boats they all think they have the best boat when they start and when they finish they all want the boat that won. So in the end they all want the same boat. That's why one design is such a fantastic concept and I think this boat to me is the future. It's what sailing needs to be, and it's what sailors like to do. The fact that you race under equal terms means the best sailors are winning and that the sailors are becoming better sailors because they are challenging each other and learning from each other knowing that they have the same boat.


My overall impression of this boat is it's very good I think it's it smells quality there's a lot of really good quality equipment and I think the design is very much in line with the current sort of our thinking and of ocean racing, so it's the first sort of 30 foot boat I've seen that's really looking like it's a 2020 boat.  It's so a very good impression of the equipment very good to play impression of the layout I think it looks like the people involved in this project have been spending a lot of time thinking about the details and putting some experience into it.


I think what I like most with this boat I think it gives a feeling it's quite solid and for me racing offshore you know you really have to trust equipment. I like the sail plan a lot it has quite an advanced sail plan, it's very accessible. I like the retractable driveshaft of the propeller. In a small boat like this to the get rid of the sail Drive and the propeller shaft under the water has a big impact on the drag, so it makes the boat a lot faster. I think the general cockpit layout is simple but very functional. It is a functional boat, and it looks easy to sail fast with it.

Adrenaline in the blood. The gennaker fills in the gusts and the log jumps to between 9 and 14 knots. A triumphant smile tugs at your lips, as you anticipate crossing the line. Later, put your feet up with a cold drink in hand and go back over the day in comfort with the crew. Good for both comfort and adventure; that's the Dehler 30 one design. It’s a master of both worlds. Switch from regatta mode to cruising mode in just a few simple steps. Whether it’s the Baltic 500, the Silver Rudder or a short cruise with friends. From the very first glance, it becomes clear that the Dehler 30 one design sets a new, uncompromising course. It is designed for maximum performance with the simplest handling - and yet unmistakably a Dehler. A well thought-out package that leaves nothing to be desired and raises the bar in this class of boat. From the Dehler Carbon Cage, carbon mast, bowsprit and twin rudders, to the composite T-keel and the Dehler Stealth Drive - even the standard equipment makes for blistering performance. And that is what it’s all about.

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