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Baltic 500 250-Challenge

Report of a competitive trip

The anticipation of the first regatta of the year was huge, the greater was the disappointment when we received the cancellation. Since we had already planned the vacation for Ascension Day and had a great desire to sail, we found new courage shortly after and decided to make a substitute trip. Also Hajo had no objections that we use his Tutto bene for this trip. In addition, the rumor went around that we were not the only ones with this plan, and so we decided despite flat and rainy weather forecast for a nice trip "Around Zealand".Wednesday, 12.05.2021, Rostock - FehmarnBecause of our lack of experience with the Dehler 30 od and generally with double-handed sailing, we wanted to make the sleep deficit at the beginning of the trip as small as possible. So we already left on Wednesday towards Fehmarn to look for an anchorage in front of Orth. There we lay despite cold and rainy weather not alone, but despite 18 kn wind quite quiet.Thursday, 13.05.2021, Fehmarn - Great BeltThe morning we still used to prepare the boat and to be able to cook one last time in peace. After all waypoints were programmed into the plotter and all sheets and halyards were sorted, we hoisted the sails and headed for the eastern Fehmarnsund approach buoy. There we met by chance the SY Tschaika. Passing the approach buoy, we pulled code 0 and the Chaikads A5. On the way to the buoy Staberhuk-O we had to admit defeat clearly, the wind came nevertheless not so pointed, as we had expected it.At the shallow water buoy we met then, again purely by chance, the SY Play time. Now we went at the same time on the cross. With us on board was still a little chaos due to sorting away the code and so we fell behind briefly. After everything was back in order, we were able to concentrate on sailing and steering out of the waves and quickly made up ground. The Play time sailed a little less height and the Chaikahat lost a little during the reefing maneuver and so we were able to keep up well on the way to Denmark. The other two tacked in front of us and then passed behind us. We sailed a little further to the Danish coast and had a very favorable wind shift there, which brought us much better in the direction of Langeland.Friday, 14.05.2021, Great Belt - north side of ZealandIn the first night we sailed north in good winds in the Great Belt, the Chaika and Play time always on the AIS and close in our wake. After passing the Great Belt Bridge, we continued to sail under land on the Zealand side, with the wind slowly dropping until the morning hours. Around noon we reached Røsnæs Puller, there we reached an absolute calm and while our patience was tested two well known boats appeared on the horizon behind us. At some point the wind finally started again, of course from the west and so we had to be careful not to be overtaken. After we had desperately searched for the wind in the calm with all possible sails, we could now pull the A2 and sail in beautiful sunshine to the next headland. In the evening we reached Snekkeløb near Odden. Chaika was also able to make good use of the wind and make decent miles. After passing the narrows, we felt sick to our stomachs when we suddenly found ourselves in the doldrums again. After a quick jibe, the bow was pointing in the wrong direction, but the boat was moving again and that was more important for now.

Saturday, 15.05.2021, North Zealand - GrønsundBy now we had completely lost confidence in the wind forecasts. Our previous routings were very heterogeneous with the different weather models, but they had one thing in common: they did not apply. So we decided to rather rely on our gut feeling on the next strokes and took the most direct way to Helsingør.At shortly after 4:00 a.m. we passed Kronborg Castle, it was flowing quite nicely towards us from the Øresund. So it was clear again that we had to keep under land to avoid the current. The good westerly wind let the land just fly by and so Copenhagen came quickly closer. And then came the next moment of shock: a Dehler 30 od unmistakably appeared in our wake. The AIS could not help us. Did Tschaika or Play time come that close? No, the SY No Excuse came from Sweden to accompany us for a few miles. The way to Møn remained without big tactical possibilities, the wind had further increased and so the topic "reefing" occupied us again. After passing the sunlit Møns Klint, the wind unfortunately dropped again, but the last miles to the S buoy at Grønsund had become a lay-by and so we remained patient and reached our destination at 17:19. Almost two hours after us the Play time reached the south buoy, the Chaika had already turned before in the direction of Wismar.Sunday, 16.05.2021, Grønsund - RostockThe journey home surprised us after a short calm with a steady east wind, which should slowly turn to south. The code 0 pulled us briskly to Warnemünde and the home port was reached again after 372 miles. The efforts of the last days were clearly noticeable to us and so we fell directly after the mooring maneuver dead tired and overjoyed into the whom Hajo has lent his ship?we, that is Philipp Marienhagen and Jan-Ole Sponholz, have got to know us in the academic sailor association to Rostock and have begun our keelboat career on the SY Universitas, the student and flagship of our association. First on the 1-tonner and since 2019 on the Farr 42 we sailed up & downs, medium and long distance regattas and already traned how to deal with sleep deprivation ;-) In addition, we have grown up with dinghy sailing, which we continue to pursue committed.We thank Hajo sincerely for the trust placed in us and that we were allowed to use his ship for this great trip.

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