Dehler 30 one design - regattas and dates at a glance

Dehler 30 one design

Northern Europe - North and Baltic Sea

Baltic 500, Rund Bornholm and the Sydbank Cup are the focal points of a joint appearance of the fast-growing Dehler 30 one design fleet this year. But also at Kieler Woche, Rund Rügen and Rund Skagen should be started. Several messages for Midsummersail are also included. Also planned is a spring training at Rostock/Warnemünde. From the 2020 series, we want to determine the best in class at the following general meeting


Race Dates Type Rule Country
Baltic 500 21.05.2020 - 25.05.2020 double Serie 2020 Strande
Nordseewoche, Rund Skagen 30.05.2020 - 04.06.2020     Germany
Rund Rügen 12.06.2020 - 13.06.2020     Germany
Warnemünder Woche  04.07.2020 - 08.07.2020 open* Serie 2020 Germany
Travemünder Woche 23.07.2020 - 26.07.2020     Germany
Sydbank Cup 19.08.2020 - 23.08.2020 crewed* Serie 2020 Germany / Denmark
Kieler Woche 05.09.2020 - 13.09.2020     Germany
Vegvisir Race 03.09.2020 - 05.09.2020     Denmark
Silver Rudder 18.09.2020 - 19.09.2020     Denmark


crewed: more than 2 people crew are on board. The maximum crew weight as defined in the class rules must be followed. The use of the water ballast system is prohibited.

open: single, double and crewed can be sailed. If more than two people are on board, the restrictions on the use of the water ballast system apply.


Southern Europe - Mediterranean

There are plenty of other races taking place for fully crewed boats under ORC/IRC handicap systems. Practically there are at least 2 races every weekend in the broader Saronic (Athens) division and one race in every weekend in each of the other geographical divisions. 


Race Dates Type Rule Country
Andreas Ziro Race 11.04.2020 -12.04.2020 Double Handed IRC/ORC Greece, Course: Day1 Faliro-Poros island. Day 2 Poros island - Faliro. Distance 2x28nm
Savas Georgiou Race 25.04.2020 - 25.04.2020 Solo IRC/ORC Greece, Course: Faliro bay coastal course. Distance 20nm
Aegean600 Race 14.06.2020 - 20.06.2020 Double Handed IRC/ORC Greece, Course: Aegean sea tour non-stop. Distance 600nm
St Vraila Race 19.07.2020 - 19.07.2020 Double Handed IRC/ORC Greece, Course: Faliro bay coastal course. Distance 20nm
Aegean Rallye 10.07.2020 - 20.07.2020 Double Handed IRC/ORC Greece, Course: Aegean sea tour 3 legs. Distance 150+104+79nm