Offshore Sailing and Regatta Videos

For all racing fans of double-handed, Olympic mixed offshore and single-handed sailing regattas.

Videos about offshore, single handed or double handed sailing. Here you will find videos from our members or from Dehler 30 one design owners. Send us your favorite videos from regattas whether double handed or single handed. 

Joint venture double handed sailing

somewhere on the Baltic Sea

Crazy Boats in the doldrums at the Silverrudder

largest single handed regatta in the world

High performance sailing in double handed mode

Impressive scenes from aboard the Offshore Racer

GER 22 on fast downwind course

fast single handed offshore sailing

Dehler 30 one design tested for its offshore capabilities

The ideal training boat for Olympia

Offshore legend Knut Frostad explains the double handed and single handed qualities.

The Norwegian sailing legend and CEO of Navico Knut Frostad also inspected our yacht. In a detailed interview, the former Olympic and Volvo Ocean Race sailor gave us his opinion of the Dehler 30 one design. Watch the interview now in the video gallery.

mixed offshore video