Regatta results, reports and pictures from 2020

Dehler 30 one design

The 2020 regatta season was a special challenge for us as a class association. We are therefore particularly pleased about the numerous regattas with the new Dehler 30 one design. Here you will find the results and impressions of the regattas as a short report and with many pictures of the regatta tracks. Do you still have photos or reports from regattas with your Dehler 30 one design? Then send us a short email and we will add it to our site.

Results Baltic 500 May 2020

Winner: O. Schmidt-Rybandt / Otto Timm

Great debut for the Dehler 30 one design at the Baltic 500

Oliver Schmidt-Rybandt and Otto Timm put in a great regatta with the Power Play. They were consistently in the top group of the regatta field, which they led at times. On Sunday lunchtime they crossed the finish line safely in an excellent fourth position after sailing time, and were able to keep the connection to the first ship home, Frank Eckardt's Pogo 40 Black Pearl, until the end. Andreas Deubel and Rasmus Töpsch arrived a little later with the "Calle Dr. AJ Aguiar" (short Dr. Calle maybe?) And rounded off an impressive debut of the Dehler 30 one design. During the race, the speed potential of the two Dehler 30s was impressive one design on all courses. "It's great how they hold on to the front with a 30-foot boat," wrote Kalle Dehler when Power Play led the field in the rounding of Læsø and "Calle Dr. AJ Aguiar" was just behind in fourth place. Impressions from there are at:

Regatta results, reports and pictures from 2020

Results Blueribboncup August 2020

Winner: O. Schmidt / Julia Röttger / Felix Hauss

Five Dehler 30 one design at the Blueribbon 2020

In sometimes quite rough conditions around Funen, including a very long cross towards Langeland, the crews of five Dehler30 onedesign competed at this year's Blueribboncup to see who is currently the fastest in the country. This time there was (again) the Power Play with Oliver Schmidt-Rybandt, Felix Hauß and Julia Röttger as the first with the gennaker tree over the finish line, closely followed by the joint venture with Uwe Barthel Johannes Christophers, Juliane Barthel and Christoph Wähling. Third place went to Hajo Hensel with his Tutto Bene and Hauke Sponholz and Jan Wilkens.

Regatta results, reports and pictures from 2020

Results Kieler Woche 2020

Winner: O. Schmidt-Rybandt / Felix Hauss

First appearance of the Dehleristas on the KiWo

The Dehler 30 onedesign fleet rounded off the season for the class association in a beautiful and successful way with eight registered boats in their own assessment of the best at the Kieler Woche. It all started with an open air general meeting in Düsternbrook on the jetty. According to hearsay from the author, one of the topics was our toilet doors, which are not equally appreciated by everyone. The next morning we went to the first, middle distance of the Senate Prize, which ended with a surprise. Camilla Hoesch and Joshua Weber prevailed on ahead of OTG and Powerplay. On the long distance of the Silver Ribbon around Lyø, which brought everyone a nice glide to the island and a long cross back to the gate at the Kiel lighthouse. On the last few miles it was time to sweat again in order to defend the position we had won with short strokes up to the finish line in front of Düsternbrook. Powerplay takes first place, OTG with Robert Stanjek and Morten Bogacki takes second and Play Harder with Calle and Thomas Dehler takes third.

Kalle Dehler stiftete den traditionsreichen Veltins Cup als neuen Pokal der Klasse, der dieses Jahr an die Sieger der Gesamtwertung Oliver Schmidt-Rybandt und Felix Hauß ging. In der Gesamtwertung kamen OTG auf den zweiten und Camilla Hoesch und Joshua Weber auf den dritten Platz. Es sind viele Fotos im Netz in Umlauf. Seht nach bei Instagram #Dehler30odclassassociation.

Regatta results, reports and pictures from 2020

Silverrudder September 2020

Winner: Arno Kronenberg / Sieger der Herzen: Max Gurgel

Silverrudder 2020 turns into a light wind drama

The main message was little wind from the northwest, maybe. It was clear to everyone that the greater part of the field would not arrive until the second night or on Sunday just before the time limit expired at 12 noon. Above all, Max Gurgle and Olli Schmidt-Rybandt have left nothing out to turn a somewhat longer trip around a somewhat larger island with a little wind into a dramatic race. Ingredients were diving goggles, a bit of countercurrent in Snævringen, the narrow approach to the Little Belt, and a fishing net.When the group of keelboats small, in which seven Dehler30od took part, two Dehlers were caught by a branching current and drifted onto a flat road towards the road connection between Funen and Thurø. It took them more than an hour to fight their way free.
Max Gurgel auf Hornfisch had the first opportunity to test his “Submarine Walk” here. He dived under the boat and pushed it from the bottom for meters. The Chaika was rocked free by a passing motorboat. Max Gurgle managed an impressive chase to catch up with the top group, where Morten Bogacki on the Humboldt from OTG and Olli Schmidt-Rybandt on the Powerplay tried to displace a Flaar26 from first place. In the early hours of the morning, however, all six Dehlers saw each other, including Max Gurgle on Hornfisch, Andreas Deubel on Calle.Dr.AntonioJorgeAguiar, Hajo Hensel on tutto bene and Arno Kronenberg on Playtime at the northern approach to the Lille Belt. Here the weak or nonexistent wind was not enough to go against the current through the strait. Olli Schmidt-Rybandt passed a bridge nine times: four times forwards, four times backwards and then one last time towards the goal. There are bizarre video recordings of Andreas Deubel, who sailing backwards matched himself with a seascape. Max-Gurgle tried to use a countercurrent near the bank and had to put on the diving goggles again as a reward in order to provide propulsion under water. Those were exhausting hours for everyone and some of them stopped the regatta here, partly because it seemed increasingly unlikely to reach the finish line before Sunday 12 noon.
In addition to Olli and Max, one of them persevered. Arno Klingenburg, usually somewhere in an inconspicuous position, simply drove his own regatta. On Sunday morning, a very satisfied Arno emerged from the fog at the finish line as the third-placed boat of the keelboats small group and the first Dehler30 one design. Olli Schmidt-Rybandt, who was also on time, hurried to help Max Gurgle when he got caught in a fishing net south of Bagø. Here Max had to give up. With a time allowance for emergency aid, Olli was just able to make it to the finish line as the penultimate boat in the group and overall rankings. In the end, there were only 10 of the keelboats small and a total of only 29 boats out of 400 that reached the destination on Sunday at 12 in the prescribed time. In retrospect, a good result for our new boats and hats off to Arno, Olli and Max, who held out for so long!

Nordeuropa - Nord- und Ostsee

Baltic 500, Rund Bornholm and the Sydbank Cup are the focus of a joint appearance of the fast growing Dehler 30 one design fleet this year. But also at the Kieler Woche, Rund Rügen and Rund Skagen should be started. Several messages about the Midsummersail are also included. Spring training in Warnemünde is also planned. The exact dates will follow shortly.


Regatta Dates Type Rule Country
seapilot2star 2020 24.05.2020 - 27.05.2020     Sweden
Nordseewoche, Rund Skagen 30.05.2020 - 04.06.2020     Germany
Kieler Woche  20.06.2020 - 28.06.2020     Germany
AF Gotland Rund 28.06.2020 - 30.06.2020     Sweden
Warnemünder Woche  04.07.2020 - 08.07.2020     Germany
Travemünder Woche 23.07.2020 - 26.07.2020     Germany
Silver Rudder 18.09.2020 - 19.09.2020     Denmark

Südeuropa - Mittelmeer

Numerous regattas for yachts with a full crew take place under ORC / IRC handicap systems. In practice there are at least two races per weekend in the broader Saronic division (Athens) and one race per weekend in each of the other geographic divisions.


Match Dates Type Rule Country
Andreas Ziro Race 11.04.2020 -12.04.2020 Double Handed IRC/ORC Greece, Course: Day1 Faliro-Poros island. Day 2 Poros island - Faliro. Distance 2x28nm
Savas Georgiou Race 25.04.2020 - 25.04.2020 Solo IRC/ORC Greece, Course: Faliro bay coastal course. Distance 20nm
Aegean600 Race 14.06.2020 - 20.06.2020 Double Handed IRC/ORC Greece, Course: Aegean sea tour non-stop. Distance 600nm
St Vraila Race 19.07.2020 - 19.07.2020 Double Handed IRC/ORC Greece, Course: Faliro bay coastal course. Distance 20nm
Aegean Rallye 10.07.2020 - 20.07.2020 Double Handed IRC/ORC Greece, Course: Aegean sea tour 3 legs. Distance 150+104+79nm

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