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New Mixed Offshore discipline at the Olympic Games?

In less than three years, sailors are fighting for an Olympic medal in offshore sailing for the first time. Many framework conditions are still unclear. Only at the end of 2023 should it be clear which specific boat class will be sailed in at the 2024 Olympic Games. For the Dehler 30 class association it is clear that until then they have to practice for the Olympics. The course must be set now so that a German mixed offshore team with prospects of success can start in 2024.

For example, the professional sailor and deep sea specialist Tim Kröger supports the German Sailing Team in the new Mixed Two Person Keelboat Offshore discipline, in which Olympic medals will be sailed for the first time in 2024. The DSV team has already presented the first cornerstones on the way to the Olympic Games.

Knut Frostad recently started sailing on the Dehler 30 one design. The applicants for the Olympics include many well-known sailors from the offshore scene. In any case, the Dehler 30 one design is a suitable training boat for a mixed offshore event and a popular candidate for the 2024 Olympics among connoisseurs of the scene.

Olympia 2024

Knut Frostad and Dehler 30 one design


Knut Frostad: Well I know there's a few boats that are trying to be to become the Olympic offshore class for world sailing. I think this is a good candidate. To be an Olympic boat you have to be able to function in a lot of conditions. The sailing venues around the world that would be relevant are very, very different. I think the key is that the boat has to be extremely tight on the one design side, and it has to be a quality boat because the boats will be used a lot. In any Olympic participation people are going to train a lot and spend a lot of hours compared to any other racing. There's almost no scene where people are training more than in the Olympic scene.

To me, it looks like the boat is very accurate, and it looks like the finish and the details are very exact. I know they have spent some effort into that and that's important to become an Olympic class. I think that mixed offshore is a very interesting part of Olympics. I've done both offshore and Olympics, so I know the differences and I think that for me the offshore sailing is the most interesting part of sailing. It's the same intensity as you have with round boat racing, but it's much longer much more an endurance sport, and I've been a big promoter of bringing women into the sport in the Volvo Ocean Race we brought women in and now that's part of the race and I think it's extremely interesting to have that combination in sailing and to be promoter of gender equality. It just makes it a lot more interesting for more countries and more people to follow the sport so that's good. 

Watch the full interview with Knut Frostad now!

Mixed Offshore: How does qualification for the Olympics work in other countries?

The promotion in the cadre structures of the DSV begins for mixed offshore aspirants in 2021, after the end of the current Olympic cycle. In that case, however, a pre-selection of eligible sailors must have been made. You can inquire about the requirements in other countries for the Olympics 2024 from us.

mail to: info@dehler30onedesign-class.com 

Mixed offshore: what are the requirements?

According to World Sailing Offshore Special Regulations Cat.02, a WS-approved Sea Survival course is required. For the further requirements regarding certificates of proficiency, it is currently assumed that the sports boat license with the scope of sea shipping routes (SBF See) and the Short Range Certificate (SRC) are sufficient.

Mixed offshore: how can I prepare?

There are a number of very good regattas in the Baltic as well as in the North Sea region that already offer double-hand divisions. Just ask our sports manager for the 2024 Olympics.

Mixed Offshore: Will sailed on Dehler 30 od boats?

So that no nation has a material advantage, the final decision for the Olympic material in Mixed Two Person Keelboat Offshore will not be made until the end of 2023. The class associations applied in good time for inclusion of The Dehler 30 in the Long List of World Sailing. The Dehler 30 one design is one of the boats that are eligible for Marseille 2024.

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Mixed offshore keelboat at the Olympic Games in Marseille

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Mixed offshore keelboat at the 2024 Olympics


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