Dehler 30 one design Series 2022

crewed, double-single-handed offshore championship series

Regattacalendar 2022 Dehler 30od 

Events class association, start as Dehler 30od one design class:

Date Event Place Status
22.-24.04. Go for Speed/ Speedsailing Rostock  open
26.-29.05. Baltic 500 Kiel double hand
04.-07.07 round Bornholm




Int. Baltic D30od Championship



16.-18.09 Silver Rudder Svendborg  single hand


Regattacalendar 2022 Dehler 30od

Regattas supported by the Class association, races without one design class:

Date Event Place Status
06.-10.06 round Skagen Helgoland double hand
10./11.06 round Rügen Stralsund open
18.-26.06. Kiel sailing week  Kiel open
17.-21.08. Blue Ribbon Cup Kiel open
01.-03.09 Vegvisir Race Nyborg Nyborg double hand

Dehler 30 one design Class Rules


Dehler 30 one design hulls, hull appendages, rigs and sails are measurement and production controlled.Dehler 30 one design hulls, hull appendages and rigs may only be manufactured by HanseYachts AG - referred to as licensed manufacturers in the Class Rules. Dehler 30 one design hulls, hull appendages, rigs and sails may be altered after leaving the manufacturer only to the extent permitted in Section C of the Class Rules.

Owners and crews should be aware that compliance with the rules in Section C will NOT be verified as part of the certification process. Rules governing the use of equipment during racing are contained in Section C of these Class Rules, in ERS Part I and in the Racing Rules of Sailing.This introduction provides informal background only and the actual International Dehler 30 one design Class Rules begin on the next page.


"Dehler 30 one design Class Rules 2020 3PART I - ADMINISTRATIONSection A - GeneralA.1 LANGUAGEEA.1.1 The official language of the Class shall be English and in the event of any dispute as to translation, the English text shall prevail.A.1 .2 The word "shall" is mandatory and the word "may" is permissive.A.2 ABBREVIATIONSA.2.1 WS World SailingMNA WS Member National AuthorityICA International Class Association NCA National Class Association ERS Equipment Rules of Sailing RRS Racing Rules of SailingOSR Offshore Special RegulationsA.3 AUTHORITIESA.3.1 The International Class Authority shall be WS, which shall cooperate with ICA in all matters pertaining to these Class Rules.A.3.2 Notwithstanding anything contained herein, the Certification Authority shall have the authority to revoke a certificate and shall do so at the request of WS.A.4 ADMINISTRATION OF THE CLASSA.4.1 WS has delegated its administrative functions of the Class to the MNAs. The MNA may delegate some or all of its functions, as specified in these Class Rules, to an NCA.A.4.2 In jurisdictions where there is no MNA or the MNA does not wish to administer the Class, its administrative functions, as specified in these Class Rules, shall be performed by the ICA, which may delegate administration to an NCA.A.5 WS-RULESNA.5 .1 These Class Rules are to be read in conjunction with the ERS.A.5.2 Except in headings, when a term is in "bold" type, the definition in the ERS applies, and when a term is in "italics" type, the definition in the RRS applies.A.6 DEVIATIONS FROM THE CLASS RULESNA.6.1 For class events - see RRS 89.1(d) - ISAF Rule 26.5(f) applies. For all other events, RRS 87... shall apply.


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