Dehler 30 one design Family Sailing

A fun boat to sail is, pretty easy to sail, the layout is safe and really very accessible


I would absolutely do that, I think that this is a fun boat to sail. I think it's quite easy to sail, the layout this is safe and really very accessible, so it's not a complex boat to bring children or bring your family. I have sailed a lot with my kids and my wife so for them this would be a very fun boat to sail with, and I think it has all the room inside it has a really big space inside. Nice bunks both fore and aft and plenty of space really, so this is a use useful boat. A lot of the things you see inside boats today are not used so much but in this boat you have the space where you need it and plenty of storage so no I think this would be a fun boat to bring the family out with.


Say something about our vacation. Spontaneously I think: It was nice!

And again a new boat: Brand new, very modern, very sporty, in its own class and as if to justify the new acquisition: you can also take a vacation on it. If that is not a reason! The Corona situation makes the decision even easier but above all my desire to finally test the transdermal patch Scopoderm against seasickness over a longer period of time.

I like being on the water, like the view of the action at regattas, am fascinated by fast yachts. But the shortest stay on boats and even on the floating dock brings seasickness, which usually made me a spectator.

So now here we go. 14 days Baltic Sea in mid-July 2020, from Stralsund, with the for me ambitious goal Bornholm. The skipper is excitedly planning, because a thumbs up for a new project from the family is just as important as the backing from the regular crew. There is not much time to prepare the Dehler for vacation mode after a christening at the end of June in the very smallest circle.

So we moved our standard equipment from the Bulli. Tried and tested and found to be good are plastic boxes with hinged lids for dishes and cutlery. Stove and sink on the Play Time are much more comfortable than in our camper and there is no shower in it. But there are enough possibilities in every port and the toilet is fortunately on board. A certain simplicity and clarity has always been part of contemporary sailing for me. Camping chairs and table were brought on the boat. However, these, as well as the very nice, practical swim ladder were permanently spared because of the weather. The table with the reliable folding mechanism in the saloon was used all the more.

A cool box was also available, but is overrated in our Baltic Sea climate. No nonsense, you need it and an idea was also born, which has already been implemented this year. There were also here and there nice neighbors with chilled drinks from huge refrigerators. This was then also a starting point for questions about the "new" from Dehler. The interest through good marketing in the apron was naturally large. Due to the draft, one always has very "big" neighbors and sometimes feels a bit squeezed in the pack.

As far as sleeping comfort is concerned, it would have to be said that the mattress supplied did not come close to the promised criteria of "Emma 1". We upgraded a bit in advance and slept very well. There is plenty of space.

So Svaneke on the Baltic Sea island Bornholm we have reached from Gager/Rügen on schedule after a good 10 hours. Even if the skipper had to report in between that the entire crew (me) is seasick in the hospital, he could well single handed the ship to the destination and I must say that I was never afraid that this is not so. I felt safe and had confidence in the boat and skipper at all times.

Unforgettable the detour to Christiansö with the unloved entry into the harbor, but even that was worth it. Further and altogether approx.250 miles over Nexö, Saßnitz, around Rügen and Hiddensee were for me already a beautiful balance.

We were well on the way, there was no damage on board. To distribute the water in the ballast tanks at the right moment was also sometimes forgotten, but did not detract from the fun and the small Stay has become my favorite sail.

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