Dehler 30 one design
Dehler 30 one design

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Partner of Class Association

Support the Dehler 30 one design Class Association through a partnership. It is to become a modern one-design class, which is open to all, grows fast and sets new accents in offshore regattasport with a large field on a high sporting level.


The Quantum Sail Design Group is an international company with more than 60 lofts worldwide. The group was founded in 1996 in the US by independent, experienced sailmakers and has quickly become the world's second largest sail manufacturer. Many employees are world-class sailors, but the main focus is on employing the best sailors and sailmakers. Quantum offers custom designs and intelligent detail solutions for sailors who demand the best and love sailing.

With its dynamic and quality-conscious approach, the Quantum Group is a natural magnet for talent and professionals across the maritime industry. The list of sailing achievements includes dozens of Olympic medals and hundreds of international and national titles in almost all boat classes around the world.


B & G - passion for sailing - instruments, plotters and autopilots

B & G has been developing state-of-the-art, innovative sailing solutions for 50 years. Regardless of whether you are motivated by the thrill of your next regatta or love sailing, our equipment has been developed for you. Our regatta tradition provides us with an unachieved platform for developing new technologies tested by the world's best in the most challenging conditions. You will learn more about how B & G regatta victories and the adventures of sailfans inspires. Instruments for sailors, our award-winning cruising and racing instruments, give you exactly the data you need. Chartplotters, B & G chartplotters are easy-to-use Multi-touch navigation systems for cruising and regattas.Autopilots for sailors, with the B & G Triton² and H5000 autopilots used by the best sailors in the world, your ship will always be under control.