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Where can I look at the boats?

The Dehler 30 one design is now represented in many countries. It is best to send an inquiry to the class association ( We will help to establish contact with your closest dealer. 


Is there a possibility of a trial sailing?

Is possible through the class association or even some dealers offer Dehler 30 one design to test.


What is mixed offshore?

Mixed Offshore is a new Olympic boat class in the doublehanded mode that will exist from 2024. It is aimed at crews consisting of one male and one female sailor. The boat class to be sailed will be announced only a few months before the 2024 Olympics and the Dehler 30 one design is one of the candidates for this.


Is it true that the Dehler 30 onedesign is the fastest ship in its class?

The Dehler 30 one design is one of the fastest boats in its size class compared to boats with similar specifications, i.e. without foils. Unlike some competitor classes such as the L30, it is not ORC-optimized, as this would require modifications that would leave the boat behind its potential. Thus, the Dehler 30 one design is calculated against other boats in series, not the fastest, but this was never the claim of the developers.


The Dehler 30 one design looks challenging to sail, who can I contact with technical questions?

Despite its speed and maneuverability, the Dehler 30 one design is very easy to handle by experienced sailors, as it behaves similarly to a dinghy. If you have any technical questions please get in touch with our technical contact.


Is the Dehler 30 one design only for regattas or can I also sail vacation cruises with my family?

The Dehler 30 one design is of course designed for racing, but she is also very well suited for vacation cruises. There are 2 cabins with berths, a forward berth, a small galley, and a wet room - everything you need for a good vacation trip.


How can I get in touch with other Dehler 30 one design owners and sailors?

The easiest way is to drop by one of the regattas and say hello - the class is very open-minded and always welcomes interested people. Otherwise, there is also the possibility of contacting one of our contact persons. They are all Dehler 30 one design owners.

Are there European Championships or World Championships and in which discipline?

There will be mixed offshore championships at the European and global levels. Both championships will be held in the mixed offshore class. The 2020 World Championship was canceled due to the Covid19 pandemic.


How does the water ballast work?

The water ballast system is intended to make up for the missing crew weight in shorthanded mode (single or pair) by pumping water into the port or starboard tanks. Depending on the course, weather, and sails, the water is run on the windward side to allow for optimal weight trim. Before each tack or gybe, the water is lowered to the other side so that after the maneuver the water is back on the required side.


What are the benefits of the retractable propeller and can it be operated quickly in an emergency?

The retractable Stealthdrive is completely retracted into the hull when not in use - so there is no unnecessary contact surface underwater. In an emergency, the drive can be quickly lowered and used.

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Is the boat also suitable for single-handed sailing?

Among other things, the boat is optimized for single-handed use. Short ways, logical deck layout, operation from the cockpit, and navigation instruments both below and above deck promise great sailing fun - even alone.


Can I sail the boat in the mixed offshore discipline at Olympia 24?

The class that will be sailed at the 2024 Olympics will not be announced until a few months beforehand - but the Dehler 30 one design is very much in the running. At the Olympics itself, all participants will sail the same boat class.


I would like to support the class association, what is needed and who should I contact?

There is a possibility to support our class association with active cooperation or donations, click here to find more information. Or become a member right away and help shape it yourself!


What does onedesign mean?

In an onedesign class, every boat is the same - there are certain rules that exist, for example, what condition the boat should be in, what sails are allowed, and what equipment may be used. This allows direct comparison between boats at regattas - so there is no need for complicated calculation of finishing times, as is necessary for ORC or yardstick sailing. It also makes regattas themselves more exciting, because you can measure yourself against your opponent at any time.


Who do I contact if I need spare parts?

Please contact the dealer of your choice, you can find a list of service points here.

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